Solenoids & Relays

24200 12V Insulated Continuous Duty Latching Solenoid

12V Continuous Duty, 110A. Insulated.
Plated steel housing.
Requires only a momentary application of coil power to operate.
Very little heat is generated, because the coil is de-energized when the solenoid is On.

Property Value
Description SPST Latching Solenoid
Special applications as a heavy current remote battery isolator
Insulated/Grounded insulated
NO/NC stays On or Off with power Off
Circuitry SPST
Contacts copper
Housing Plated steel
Voltage rating 12V
Terminals copper; 10-32 thread and 5/16"-24 thread. Hex nuts and lock washers included
Bracket Straight
Bracket mounting Holes 5/16" x 19/32", 2-13/64" on center
Breather hole no
UL Marine & CE ISO 8846 Marine Not listed