Solenoids & Relays

48521 Dual Relay: Latching Relay/Normally Off Relay, 200A

Functions as a Normally Off relay or as a Latching Relay, depending on which wires are connected by the user.

For use on all vehicle electrical systems such as heavy truck, off-road, construction, material handling, refuse collection or marine.

200A at 12V DC - big enough to control most onboard equipment.

The Dual Relay is non-arcing and ignition-protected – can be used in hazardous environments.
Solid-state reliability – withstands conditions that would ‘kill’ an electromechanical solenoid – and stands up to roadsplash and vibration.
Low control current and quiescent current make this Dual Relay ideal for idle reduction, battery saving, and electronic control applications.
Allows electronic systems to directly drive a high current switch without the need for an extra relay.
Easy to install.
Safe operation – protected against misconnect, overcurrent, short circuit and overheating. Optional; remote status LED gives warning to vehicle operator.

Property Value
Description Dual Relay
Inrush current 500A for 5 seconds at 12V DC.
Control current 1mA
Quiescent current: 2mA
Ingress protection IP67 per IEC 529
Ignition protection to ISO 8846
Vibration, shock and EMI/RF to SAE J1455
Function Can be wired as a Normally Off Relay or a Latching relay
Continuous current 200A at 12V DC
Stud terminals 5/16-18, torque 65 in-lbs (7.34Nm)
Overcurrent 250A, shutdown after 5 seconds.