Solenoids & Relays

24452 Forward & Reverse Relay Module

70A at 12V DC.

Carries a heavy load and is suitable for intermittent or continuous operation at 12V DC. Ideal for tarping or lift applications as well as for hoists, hatches, winches/windlasses, snowplows, intake/exhaust fans, vehicle outriggers and multiple forward-reverse applications.

Fully sealed to accommodate harsh environments. Dynamic braking stops the motor when the control switch is turned to Off. Low profile module (less than 2" high) saves space in cramped installations, and is easy to retrofit.

Alternate solutions:
85A. Use two double-action solenoids 24401 for 12V, 24402 for 24V or 24400 for 36V.

25A. Use a 55046 DPDT reverse polarity toggle switch.

50A. Use a 75712-04 Rotary Reversing Switch

Property Value
Description Forward-Reverse Module
Intermittent Rating 70A at 12V DC max On 5mins Off 3 mins
Control switch for intermittent On-Off-On (not supplied)
Continuous Rating 50A at 12V DC
Control switch for continuous Mom On-Off-Mom On (not supplied)
Terminals Tin-plated brass studs
Load current inrush 150A
Size 2.91 x 3.51 x 1.86"H (73.9x91.7x47.2mm)
Contacts High performance silver tin oxide
Coil resistance 82 Ohms plus/minus 10%
Temperature range -40C to 85C
Sealed to IP67
Ignition protected Yes