Toggle Switches

54107 DPDT On-Off-On Toggle Switch

54100 Series has standard or lighted handle – black nylon or clear plastic, 11/16" (17.5mm) long. Silver contacts. Mounting stem 15/32" -32 thread, 15/32" (11.9mm) long, fits panels up to 1/8" (31.8mm) thick. Includes mounting hardware: black metal facenut and nickel-plated hexnut. 25A at 12V DC. Terminals: .250" blade or 6-32 screw.

Up: On, Center: Off, Down: On. Six screw terminals.

Property Value
Switch type Toggle
Description Weather-Resistant , O Ring sealed bushing,Toggle Switch
Circuitry DPDT
Electrical Rating 25A at 12V DC
Contacts Silver
Housing Black plastic
Up position On
Center position Off
Down position On
Terminals 6 screw
Handle material Black nylon
Handle type Wedge
Handle size: inches 11/16" Long
Handle size: mm 17.46mm
Mounting hardware Black finished face nut & plated hex nut
Mounting stem material Nylon plastic,black
Mounting stem dimmensions 15/32" -32 thread, 15/32" (11.90mm) Long
Mounting hole dimension 15/32" (11.90mm) Panel Hole
Panel thickness Up to 1/8" (3.17mm) thick
Min qty No