Ignition Switches

95061 Lever-actuated Ignition Switch

10A at 12V, 5A at 24V, 3A at 36V and 2A at 48V DC.

Four positions: Accessory - Off - Ignition/Accessory - Start. Spring return to Off.

Switch is constructed from engineering thermoplastic and is fully sealed using O-rings and ultrasonic welding to protect switch to IP67 (with connector installed). Accepts Deutsch-type connector.

Plastic facenut and nickel-plated brass backing nut. With lever actuator.

Matching harness kit #31101.
# 95060 is identical, except it has a key actuator.
# 95060-23 is identical, except it has keys with single key code.

Other switches in the same series, with lever actuators:
# 95061-04
# 95061-07

Offsite info on Marine Ignition Switch wiring

See the HOT FEED sheet in the LITERATURE section below to see the range of 95060 switches we offer.