Ignition Switches

956-4154 Ignition Switch, 4-position


Property Value
Description Ignition & Start Switch
Details Accepts Packard Connector No. 2962912
Terminals 5 Screw
Actuator Coded Tumbler Lock, 2 Keys
Sealed terminal insulator Yes
O-Ring seal in stem No
Ground terminal Yes
Mounting stem 1" -24
Number of positions 4
Positions Acc - Off - Ign/Acc - Ign/Start
Accessory 10A
Ignition/Run 10A
Start 5A
Ground 1A
Contacts Bronze
Case material Plated Steel
Mounting panel thickness 0.030 - 0.090"
Hole to clear Not applicable
Replacement key number 83373
Removable key Key removable in Off position only. Spring return to Ign/Acc